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Cheap energy cost will attract heavy industries to Greenland

Tuesday, 06 December 2011
Greenland's natural wealth is attracting more industrialists determined to exploit them. Access to cheap energy now means that big investments in industries are beginning to look at Greenland as a destination. One such industry is a large aluminium smelter wanted to set up in the town of Maniitsoq on the west coast of Greenland.


Raw materials will be shipped from Brazil and Chinese will build the smelter.
“The information focuses more on the positive things of work and money, while other things such as culture, environment and social impact are not mentioned, according to some residents in Maniitsoq on Greenland's west coast.

A region with nearly 3000 inhabitants, the needs of jobs is also an issue. The arguments for building aluminium smelter in Greenland are, partly due to the low business tax that company can take advantage of and the environmentally friendly hydropower to power that would be good for the smelter.

Two hydroelectric plants are said to be built on the so called yet untouched rivers. During construction of hydroelectric and smelting, the Chinese company wants to bring in 1000 Chinese guest workers, as it is expected that while the smelter is under way it should provides jobs for local people.

Right now negotiations are on the way for arrangements around the road and housing developments. And despite some concerns of that what would happens to some areas where wild reindeer tend to calve, There is still upbeat among the locals of the project.

The construction of the hydro dam will sure flood most of the areas with smaller community but the aluminium smelting project is receiving positive spotlight, as there is the need for jobs in the areas.
“We think it is good for society, and they have promised that the environmental situation will be managed with the best technology,” said a community fisher man.
By Scancomark.se Team


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