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Carcinogenic poison found in baby food in Sweden

Tuesday, 08 November 2011
Many baby food products from the product brand Semper in Sweden have been withdrawn after it was found to contain traces of dangerous cancer-causing poisons.

This applies to food brands, Småfolk fruity stix and Dadel and Småfolk oat stix apple and raspberry.
Mold toxin found is aflatoxin, one of the worst cancer-causing substances in the world, according to radio Sweden which first reported tom the issue.


Semper a week ago issued a press release and announced that the products are being withdrawn after the discovery of traces of mold but did not give details.

But according to Semper, the level was just below baby food law and is not alarming. Earlier this year, Semper recalled porridge and gruel because high levels of aflatoxin were found

But the Swedish national food agency toxicologist answering to a question from the radio station about the how the content was made of harmless dose levels of aflatoxin

The source of the mold material is said to may have occurred in particular raisins, nuts and cereals.
By Scancomark.se Team

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