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Brighter future for embattled Swedish Social Democrats party when Margot Wallström is open for the leadership job? No!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012
Swedish Social Democrats Party could breathe a sign of relief if what is seen as a sign of acceptance for the top leadership opposition of the party by some of its heavy hitters, Margot Wallström is confirmed.

Based on speculation that she could accept the top job given that her workers with the UN is coming to an end and that the part has not leader, Ms Wallström continues to say she has notr changed her position from being a “NO” mama.


According to Swedish daily Dagens Nyehter, Margot Wallström who has in the past persistently rejected any offer to run for the top position is currently at the moment not saying no to a return to  the Social Democrats leadership fore ground.

After 13 years of international missions to Brussels and New York, she is on her way home again. But her refusal to lead the party continues, according to Swedish regional paper, Värmland Folkblad.

“Yes, it ought to be pretty well known by now how I feel on this issue. I have not changed my mind.”

Late last night was Social Democrat party secretary Carin Jämtin made her first telephone meeting with representatives from all the party district after Hakan Juholt departure.
On the agenda was the issue that the Social Democratic Party should quickly appoint an interim chairman.

Margot Wallström has strong support both in opinion polls at home in Varmland. There are several Socialist mayor who have expressed hopes that the former Social Democrat minister, EU commissioner and current UN officials should be willing to become party leader.

In the past two years she has been the UN special representative the vulnerability of women in war and conflict. The mission comes to an end soon, at the same time as her party is diving in the opinion polls and without a leader. She does not want to be there, but can imagine other party assignments.
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