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It is surprising how one man can take such pressure and continue standing - Many districts now asking for Juholt to leave his leadership position

Friday, 20 January 2012
If one needs where to get inspiration for survival while remaining strong, lessons could be learnt from the leader of the Swedish Social Democrat Party. This guy has taken tones of beating and wicket press both from within his own party and from outside.

The writer of this piece, who has nothing to do with the party can feel the pressure but the Social Democrat leader cannot.

Just to add to that, three Social Democrat districts, namely, Västmanland, Södermanland and Örebro County, are how vocally and audibly calling for the embattled Hakan Juholt to leave his post as chairman, as soon as possible. This is harsh but that is the feeling within this once giant political party that many believe built the modern Sweden we know of today.

This happens as the Social Democrats big wigs are holding an emergency meeting of party at its headquarters to find out why Swedish people are rejecting the party and accepting the government coalitions parties who are doing things which the opposition feels that the people don’t like.
The leader has truly been having lost of bad press in the past months and being some one who would expect to lead the country in the future as a prime minister, if they can win an election, it remains as to why his party is not appealing to the people.

“Hakan Juholt should be replaced. He should resign as party chairman for the party's sake. We are united in the decision,” says Pia Nilsson, Member of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the Västmanland party district.


The Social Democrat district of Orebro has discussed the confidence issue they have for Juholt in an emergency meeting this morning.

“This has reached its limits. We estimate that the crisis of confidence is so great that we do not see how it could be possible to restore confidence again,” says Jonas Karlsson, chairman of the district.
Jonas Karlsson also adds that the decision stands and that there is nothing that Hakan Juholt could do to get the district to withdraw its demands other than to go.

Even Sörmland want to see the party leader's departure, according to radio Sweden. The district has not gone out in public but has made it to the party's executive committee that the leader of the part should go.

Earlier this week, the Gotland’s  Regional leader, Ake Svensson called for Juholt’s departure.
He even went further to say that Juhold is a burden to the party.

The rest of the country however has up to 26 districts of the party that still have support for Hakan Juholt. The party leaders own home country of Kalmar has confidence in him “unshaken.”
“There is no doubt that Hakan has continued strong support here,” said party district ombudsman Mattias Adolfson.

Phia Andersson, chairman of the Southern Älvsborg party district says that they have confidence in Juholt. She says that there is consistency in the decision within the districts of Älvsborg, Bohuslän, Gothenburg and Skaraborg.
“He has no one in the party that backs him up. How can we keep on undermining our own leaders? He should not have to stand alone.”

In Kronoberg region, there is an unshaken confidence in him while the Social Democrats in Gothenburg county is in more cautious mood and would not provide any information about Juholt’s future. Similarly, it stands so in Gävleborgs country.
“We’ll wait and see what the results of the Executive Committee's actions are” said Yoomi Renstrom, leader of the party’s district in Gavleborg.

Renstrom believe that the leadership must now take responsibility.
“The responsibility rests not only on Hakan, but on the whole line, we are just waiting for them to do it. It's a disappointment that it did not go better for the party and it should take us out of this slump.”

On the side line, the government and its coalition as well as the members of the red- Green bloc are just watching, smiling and picking out tools to hit the Socialists with later.
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