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A Swedish official at the Royal bank of Scotland sued the bank for wrongful termination - but that may turn to hurt him

Thursday, 26 July 2012
A 37-year-old Swedes, formerly employed by the Royal bank of Scotland was terminated from his duties in Stockholm, Sweden but he felt that it was a wrongful termination. Therefore, he sued the bank for wrongful termination. However, it looks like things are not as clear as they seem to be.

The Swedish daily, Dagens Industri, says that the 37-year-old bank manager who was purported to be working for the Royal Bank of Scotland sued his employer for wrongly firing him. He may have bitten more than he can chew as the bank has hit back strongly.

The paper reports that after he has been working in Stockholm for only twelve days in the workplace in the Strand in Stockholm he was told he should gather his things and leave his position and the office. That he should go home and that is it - he has been fired. That  - this was his last day (the twelfth) day at work and that he would immediately leave the office.

Before that the 37-year-old, who is said to have had a long experience in the British financial industry, worked at Royal Bank of Scotland in London with responsibility for the Nordic market particularly in the business area.

According to the 37-year-old, in the spring he got news that he would be transferred permanently to the Stockholm office with the same duties as before, because his customers were there.  Instead, he was fired after just twelve days at the Stockholm office.

The bank, which has now submitted its response to the district court in relation to the accusation, has a completely different version of what happened. The bank says the 37 years old during the whole period was still employed at the London office.

In addition, the Bank believes that the 37-year-old deliberately fled to the Stockholm office for fear of being laid off in London, where there is increased restructuring and there would be cut back on staff.

No formal approval was given for him to move from London to Stockholm, according to the bank. The 37-year-old was not really fired, emphasizes the bank. In the lawsuit the bank described that  he was dismissed due to redundancy in the personnel reductions which the Royal Bank of Scotland had decided earlier in London.
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