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The salaries of Swedish managers come under the microscope - how much do Swedish bosses earn?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012
The average manager in Sweden earn Skr38 000 a month and most will earned that in the financial industry in Stockholm, while the lowest wages paid managers are in the public sector and on the island of Gotland, recent data from statistics from Ledarna, a Swedish Organization for Managers show.

"We see that management salaries are not that high. Most managers have very modest salaries as opposed to the media landscape in which managers have very high salaries, "said Annika Elias, president of the organisation Leaderna.

The Leaderna every year build up statistics that represent wages for Sweden’s some 500,000 managers. Almost one in eight employed in Sweden is a person with managerial responsibility.

The latest statistics show that Swedish managers have a median salary of Skr38 000 a month, but that there are large variations between different regions of the country. This compares with the median wage last year of Skr36 500.

Swedish managers in executive positions have median salary of Skr68000 a month including taxable benefits. Senior managers have a median salary of Skr58 300 per month, middle managers earn Skr41 100 and the lower heads - about half of all managersSkr33 000 a month.
Four out of ten managers have variable pay such as bonuses.

The managers who serve at their best with big financial responsibility, often titled finance directors or technical directors and works in Stockholm and Skåne have changed jobs frequently. The lowest paid managers have the title of such as restaurant manager and head of school feeding and who live in the Island of Gotland and in Värmland.

Many of the managers who earn at least have large groups of staff in areas such as restaurant and cleaning.
"It is remarkable that the leadership is rewarded so low. I think most people agree that a good manager helps the company's growth and profitability. The risk is that managers choose not to work with the active leadership if it is not rewarded, "said Annika Elias.

The gap between salaries in the private and public sector amounted to Skr2, 200 a month in 2011 - a change in trend with which means the difference has decreased. 2010 the difference in pay was Skr1600 per month.

The pay gap between women and men is unchanged for Skr1700 per month.
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