Is Hakan Juholt a difficult man to work with? Why is his team fleeing away from him?


Wednesday, 11 May 2011
The above question is asked because according to the tabloid newspaper, Expressen, the officials working for Hakan Juholt such as his speech writers and Budget Director as well as ten other important services officials are fleeing him.
The Social Democrats leader has been rejected by many heavy weights that he wanted to enlist in his team. 
According to Expressen, Juholt has tried to recruit one popular official Lars Danielsson, the former secretary of state for former Social Democrats leader and the Prime Minister, G�ran Persson but got turned down.

“My goal is that we will be fully staffed when we fully launched our operations in the fall, "said Sven-Eric S�der, Secretary of the Social Democrats.

On Wednesday as Juholt went out in �rebro to assist his party win a bi-election there, he was found not to have the assistance from his speech writer. 

One answer as to why his party is struggling is that the Social Democrat had poor election results last year, which meant that the party received small grants as such it has to get rid of people by offering staff severance pay if they quit.

Also the party’s new personnel policy which many job seekers don’t find it attractive has meant that defections have become too numerous and Hakan Juholt is forced instead now  hard hiring.

According to sources, the newspaper Expressen, he had great difficulty in recruiting new people and from many he had received no.

One of the services that are empty is that of speech writer for the party leadership.
“We are still recruiting a speech writer,” said the Permanent Secretary.

On the whole, the people despising the new Social Democrats leader include experts on foreign policy, the financial department to help the economic policy spokesman Tommy Waidelich is also in tatters. After a number of dropouts the financial department is almost completely empty. A single person, who previously never worked on budget issues, is now alone in the department.
The social Democrat party is in crisis but the leader doesn’t seem to want to talk about it.
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