India at collusion course with Denmark and diplomatic relations drove to a very low level on Tuesday.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011
Denmark has annoyed several countries and this time India has blinked and will stay away from Denmark in various ways. Danish foreign Minister, Lene Espersen confirms on Tuesday that all cooperation between Denmark and India are to be put on ice in a diplomatic disagreement.

Denmark's ambassador to India has been told that all cooperation with Denmark is to be frozen is what is referred to as the Niels Holck affair.

The problem is reported by Danish media as driven by Denmark’s court refusal to hand over weapons smuggler Niels Holck to India. This has been reportedly confirmed by Danish foreign minister Lene Espersen today.

Lene Espersen is irritated over the Indian decision, but express understanding that the Indian authorities are disappointed that the extradition of Niels Holck did not go to their liking.


“But I neither can nor want to meddle in the Danish courts decision that we must accept,” she said, according to Danish Radio.
Extraditing Niels Holck was in the jurisdiction of both a Danish district and high courts and they both overruled on the grounds that the risked of torture in an Indian prison was very high.

According to the Indian newspaper, Indian Express, Indian is angry that they failed to obtain Niels Holck, who is accused of being behind a 1995 dropping of weapons to a rebel group in the Indian state of West Bengal.

Dispensing of Niels Holck was first decided in a Danish District Court and then in the High Court it was overturned when the judges felt that there was too much risk that he will be tortured if Denmark sent him back to an Indian prison.

The Indian Express had it that, the Indian finance ministry, after the failed attempt to get the Dane handed over, in an official document made it clear that all agreements and projects with Denmark will now require "prior consultation with the Foreign Ministry."

In the wake of the Danish courts' refusal to hand over Niels Holck, the Indian intelligence agency, CBI went to the Indian media and declared that it would wants to question Niels Holck via videolink from Copenhagen.

They have however not made a formal request to reopen the case with the use of video link interviews.
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