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Increasingly,  hidden and undeclared taxes from tax havens is moving back to Swedish treasure

Monday, 03 October 2011
The Swedish strategy to inform and encourage people who have starch their wealth hidden in tax heaven to bring them back and declare them or face the wrath of the law is bearing fruits


During the first nine months of this year, 1344 people have contacted the Swedish tax authority to make ‘corrections’ to their taxes payments with respect to income from the former tax havens.

In 2010, some 396 people reported to carry out corrections on their tax returns. Corrections are estimated to have led to the collection of a nearly one billion, writes the Swedish Tax Agency in a statement.
In other countries, such as the UK, pursuing tax dodgers is considered as something that will scare ‘investors and potential employers’ away. But Sweden does it in a way that those who hid their money abroad bring its back. How do they the Swedes do it and how can other places such the UK can’t?
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