Increased political interest after the tragedy in Norway


Wednesday, 10 August 2011
The tragedy in Norway recently that saw many people has led to the same reaction among young people in Finland and other Nordic countries. Rather than be intimidated by political activity, the events have attracted more young people to organize.

At least the Social Democrats, National Coalition Party and the Greens' youth organizations in Finland have received more new members than usual. Chairman of the Finnish Social Democrats' youth organization, Timo Kontio, said the Socialist youth has received much attention, but attention has come at a high price.
“The events in Norway have raised people's sympathy, and many who have thought about joining the organization has now enrolled,” says Kontio.


On the sideline, in Sweden, a politician from the Social Democrats has posted on his blog names of people who have contacted the Swedish far right party, Sweden Democrats to get information about the party so that they could join.

The names are gathered by a hacker who published them online and the Social Democrats
Politician has self-proclaimed that publishing the list was for helping a party comrade who had been threatened in a debate about who members of the Sweden Democrats are.

Monica Hanson, a member of the Social Democrats in the Municipality of Trollhattan, told regional newspaper, TELA that publications of this kind are unacceptable. The blog post has now been taken down.
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