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Immigration costs billions and can be reduced if the Swedish state adopts the policy proposed by far right Sweden Democrats

Thursday, 29 September 2011
Swedish far right party, the Sweden Democrats has presented data which suggest that the Swedish government can save over Skr35 billion per year if the party's immigration policy is implemented.

In a change of strategy in which the far rights at least want some of their immigration ideas are implemented, Sweden Democrats wants to reduce asylum and family immigration by 90 percent. This way the state would be able to make huge economic savings.


Using different materials from the Swedish parliamentary inquiry service in arriving at their conclusion, they determined that the Swedish state would save more than Skr15 billion in 2012 and over Skr35 billion in 2015.

Sweden Democrats expect to save big money by eliminating the entry-level jobs for new arrivals, reducing support and compensation to refugees and immigrants and to reduce state subsidies to municipalities. They assume that the foreign born are overrepresented when it comes to using municipal and county welfare services.

Economics Professor Jan Ekberg at Växjö University suspects that SD underestimated what society benefits from immigration.
“They say that about a thousand immigrants get jobs, they lose their 700 Swedes. It sounds very strange,” he said.
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