Iceland takes the first giant step towards EU


Monday, 27 June 2011
Iceland took Monday a giant and serious step towards EU accession talks. And unlike many other countries wishing to join the EU crowd, the small island community from the outset has taken some important steps towards EU membership. Iceland has better chances anyway given its structures and intuitions that are properly developed or even advance for EU.

With negotiations to join the internal market for the first time in EU history, at once, four negotiating point were opened and two of them where closed on the same day.


This is the first and foremost that Iceland participating in the so-called EEA cooperation, which means that the country is already part of EU internal market.

One easy step, but even if the first negotiation is considered relatively problem free, there are other major issues that may prove to pose major challenges. Its fishing and agricultural policy are some areas that are expected to create hick ups.

“Today was obviously a small step, a light step,” says the Icelandic Foreign Minister Ossur Skarph��insson on Monday after visiting Brussels.

“In particular, the fishing section of the negotiation will be very difficult because it is the first time that the EU must negotiate with a country who come to the negotiating table with fishing as a major, critical and special needs,” says Skarph��insson.

Iceland and the EU has already have various spats in relations to fishing quotas. Last year there was one more problem in which Icelandic fishing boats where blockaded.
The so-called Icesave case that arose in the wake of the Icelandic banking collapse in 2008 may also come to cause trouble for Iceland.

Holland and Great Britain demand that Iceland to repay 30 billion dollars to the two governments whose subjects were caught when Icesave Internet bank had to pull the plug.

The Icelandic population has twice voted against paying back the money, leading the British and Dutch to sue Iceland.
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