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How the Sweden Democrats got into intense anti Muslims incitement and intimidation

Tuesday, 27 September 2011
Sweden’s own radical far right party, the Sweden Democrat has once again landed on the front page of the newspapers – for their expected attitudes racist incitements.

As usual, the party has used its trade mark way to dealing with the public or opponents – harassment, intimidation incitement and you name it to make its point trough. Politicians from the party have been involved in incitements against Muslims on websites and blogs, sometimes with violent glorification elements.

The above allegations have been exposed in a study by the authors of a Swedish anti-far right newspaper, Expo.
The crux of the report holds that, anti-Muslim conspiracy theories thrive in Swedish websites and blogs. The anti-racist newspaper, Expo in this new report which much has been contributed to its content from anonymous writers, hold that many politicians from the Sweden Democrats party, are participating in internet debates in which they spread out their racist and anti Muslims ideas.


The reports also hold that this has long been circulating in Swedish and foreign blogs the ideas that Muslims, mainly Arabs, are slowly taking over Europe. There is talk of a "demographic time bomb" and to stop this, active resistance has to lead the way against these Islam’s, even if it is to lead to hostile moves. There was also sometimes incitement of violence.

A new report from Expo, titled "The anti-Muslim environment", map these ideas and how they may impact upon the community. The views are reported to have been shared by the same bunch of Sweden Democrats politician who sit in the Swedish Parliament.

A Sweden Democrat’s member, Kenth Ekeroth whom expo talked to mentioned in several places in the Expo report how him and his brother, Ted Ekeroth found it important to bring the Sweden Democrats into "the international anti-Muslim environment".

One of Kenth Ekeroth accounts, used on Expo show how the party use such rhetoric to receive donations to the popular site, Politically Incorrect, which harbours anti-immigrant texts and which, among other things talked about that Sweden is on track to be "transform into the Caliphate Swedistan".

The report also refers to the following comment on Kenth Ekeroth blog: "The only obvious consequence of these trends with immigrants, the long-term use of deadly force against all immigrants, especially Mohammedans ..."

“We are in Sweden Democrats are working for democracy, yet Expo link those who want to resort to violence,” says Ekeroth in a rejection of what Expo had publicised about the activities of the Swedish far rights.
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