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Here are the new laws coming up in Sweden 2012

Saturday, 31 December 2011
As the new year is approaching when people' ll wake up on Sunday, they will get up to see some rules that will govern them as they go about their business in the great state of Sweden

Before the end of the year, the Swedish Government presented about 50 major laws and regulations taking effect next year or have already been introduced in the autumn.

For example, there will be change the rules on parental leave allowance and housing benefits that will be raised. The government passed this law to try and reduce stress in families that are slipping below the poverty line.

There is also the rules change for family allowance so that it’ll becomes possible for both parents to receive parental benefits while over 30 days during the first year.

It will become more attractive to rent out homes to home seekers. This will lead to increased in the standard deductions in tax declaration from Skr18,000 per year to Skr21,000 from the year-end. Housing benefits will also be raised.


Among other things there will be reduction in restaurant VAT from the current 25 percent to 12 percent and tax credit will be provided to individuals when they give gifts to non-profit organisations.

As early as October 1 a new law was introduced on unlawful harassment, stalking. In mid-December the first sentence under the new law was passed.

In the sectors operated by the social department, there is a new law that will protected against increase in high-cost of outpatient treatment and their medicines costs.

Alcohol and cigarettes
For drunk drivers, there is going to be a new system of alcohol penalties instead of license revocation.

All smokers and snuff users will see their additive product become more expensive as the tax on tobacco is increased from the year-end. This means that the price of a package of 19 cigarettes will rise from Skr48 to about Skr51. For snuff of about 45 grams, which today costs Skr47 will cost Skr 49.

Sales of Seal products
On 1 November a law was introduced to supplement the European Parliament Regulation concerning trade in seal products. It means that seal products will only be allowed to be sold within the EU if they come from "the traditional hunting by the Inuit communities and other indigenous communities engaged in and contributing to self-sustenance."

Join us
We are now welcoming individuals and businesses that would love to work with us, we know of wonderful organisations and individuals out there.

Our aim in the past year was to be present in the media market and determine if we could make an impact. We have now done so and we are thankful to you the readers.

We wish to have a stronger and bolder 2012 given that we have now been recognised as the window to the Scandinavia.
The New Year is tomorrow, but let us be the first to wish all of you a wonderful and happy New Year 2012.  You have shown one thing to us – what we are all humans - we all feel pain, love, cry, hate, laugh and sleep.
Happy News Year

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