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Swedish PMI fell to 47.6 in November 2011

Thursday, 01 December 2011
Swedish Purchasers Managers Index, PMI fell to 47.6 in November from 49.8 in October.

Stock scammers rampant in Sweden as more are scammed in ghost stock investments

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Swedish financial services authority, Finansinspektionens (FI) warning list of fake shares and stock brokerage firms are growing at record speed. But the reduction of share scams is not responsive.

Rare earth deposits found in Sweden and can provide hundreds of jobs and wealth

Monday, 28 November 2011
One of the world's largest deposits of so-called rare earth metals have been found north of Gränna in Sweden.

Financial market works poorly in Sweden
Tuesday, 22 November 2011
A majority of market participants believe that the financial markets in Sweden work poorly today than six months ago.

Gradual increase in global steel production but low production in Sweden

Monday, 21 November 2011

Shortage of Norwegian Christmas trees this year Monday, 21 November 2011
There may be a shortage of Norwegian Christmas trees this year. Producers have fewer trees for sale than ever before and the demand is high, warns Christmas tree dealers federations Norsk Decorations Green.

Libyan oil production close to 700,000 barrels – reports

Thursday, 17 November 2011
Libya's oil production is close to 700,000 barrels a day, a top official said Thursday, just a week after the country's interim oil minister predicted the threshold would be reached by the end of the year.

How a vacuum cleaner cost a Swedish nuclear power station billions Sunday, 13 November 2011
 Latest fiasco in Swedish nuclear power production in one of its reactors, Ringhal 2 which failed was caused by fire from a vacuum cleaner.

Mobile web browsing is increasing in Sweden as smart phones take over

Monday, 07 November 2011

Swedish mobile browsing increased sharply to 2.3 million with smart phones on broadband network more popular, according to latest reports.

Unexpected leap in Swedish PMI but activities still low

Tuesday, 01 November 2011

After five months of decline in the Swedish purchasing manager’s index, it surprisingly turned the corner and rose in October. Particularly pleasing was that the sub-index on new orders which skipped forward

Stockholm Stock Exchange celebrates EURO agreement and started Thursday trading with a positive outlook

Thursday, 27 October 2011
NASDAQ OMX Nordic 40
Inter-day trade

There was positive feedback on the Stockholm Stock Exchange after last night’s, spending limits discussions in the EU. Stockholm Stock Exchange's general index was up 2.5 percent after a half-hour of trading.

The Sales of Jas Gripen to Switzerland facing a bumpy ride and could be quashed

Thursday, 01 December 2011
Several major political parties in Switzerland want a referendum to prevent the country to buying the 22 Gripen aircraft from Sweden which its government announced yesterday in a press conference.

Norway closes embassy in Iran

Wednesday, 30 November 2011
After the attack on the British embassy in Tehran, Norway has chosen to close its embassy in the Iranian capital.

Denmark’s economy in trouble but the finance minister feels that the storm can be weathered

Wednesday, 30 November 2011
Democratic Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon
Danish Finance Minister, Bjarne Corydon (pictured) is now worried about the state of the Danish economy. He said that Danish economy is now in trouble after report today out today that growth in Denmark shrank in the third quarter by 0.8 percent

    Swedish house prices fallen much larger than what the data show

    Tuesday, 29 November 2011

    Swedish house prices are falling faster and more than official data show. Housing prices in Stockholm for example have fallen much more than what official statistics indicate.

    Norwegian mass murderer, Breivik, declared insane - psychiatrists report

    Tuesday, 29 November 2011

    The expert psychiatrists, Synne Sørheim and Torgeir Husby have had a total of 13 calls with 32-year-old Breivik to come to the conclusion about his mental condition.

    The uneasy social divide in Sweden set to expand as fewer foreign born attend high school

    Tuesday, 29 November 2011
    Fewer foreign-born students living in Sweden are finding it hard to find their feet in with the Swedish school system.  As such the gap between the Swedish-born and the foreign born in school has increased strongly in the recent past years.

    Swedish economic growth unexpectedly strong

    Tuesday, 29 November 2011

    Sweden's economy grew unexpectedly quicker in the third quarter, with exports driving the economy more but the figures for the first and second quarter was revised down.

    Weaker Swedish foreign trade in third quarter but impressive Swedish exports

    Monday, 28 November 2011
    The value of Sweden's total exports of goods amounted to Skr 912 billion during the period January to September, measured in current prices, an increase of 10 percent compared with the corresponding periods of 2010.

      News headlines from some external sources

      • OECD Urges BOE To Increase QE As UK Enters Recession
      • OECD Projects US GDP To Grow 2.0% in 2012; 2.5% in 2013
      • AstraZeneca Injects Additional $100m Into Venture Capital Arm

      Storm cause havoc in Sweden - Many without electricity and increased traffic problems

      Monday, 28 November 2011
      Nature clinched its fist last night and hit the Nordic coastline regions of Sweden and Norway leaving behind a trail of major traffic disruptions and electricity cuts.

      Reasons why just being a “black human being” is a threat to a “Swedish human being”

      Monday, 28 November 2011

      "For me, the nigger a nigger! It should not be an insult to be called nigger. There's the red race, the yellow race and I'm of white origin.

      Suicide major problem among old men in Sweden

      Sunday, 27 November 2011
      More than four elderly men a week commit suicide in Sweden - several times more likely than women of similar age.

        Swedish central bank to recruit new


        directors as opinion divides over the bank's persistence to keep rates high

        Sunday, 27 November 2011

        Swedish central bank, the Riksbank has threatened to still maintain its interest rate growth increases, despite the deepening debt crisis and impending collapse of the euro.

        How non euro countries such as Sweden could suffer from lowered credit ratings in the euro area countries

        Saturday, 26 November 2011

        Europe debt crisis has brought some supposedly better performing countries into gradual growing pain. This means that the rating downgrades will affect households in the countries affected with mostly cuts in welfare.

        Integration Norwegian style – Divide the school students by race

        Friday, 25 November 2011

        Student of same class at Bjerke high school in Oslo, but has no classmates who are ethnic Norwegian. From left: Ilyas Sahal, Shinde Singh, Omar Ali Shah and Ernest Kastrati. Image Dagsavisen
        A secondary school in Norway has chosen to divide students by ethnicity. The Education Council of the City of Oslo could not believe their ears.

        Changes in Swedish immigration Trend as more to come here to work

        Wednesday, 23 November 2011

        immigrant workers

        The Swedish economy is good compared to other EU countries and there is the shortage of contain types of skills. Therefore, Sweden is the best place to go and seek work and this is the trend.

        Swedish ultra radical far right political party, National Democrats advertises on Facebook

        Tuesday, 22 November 2011
        The Swedish fearful ultra radical far right political part, the National Democrats are canvassing for more members into their organisation and are now advertising on Facebook, according to Swedish media reports.

        Denmark’s warning to Sweden: "Do not make the same mistakes that we have done!"

        Tuesday, 22 November 2011

        Sweden don’t really needs Danish advice because their had their own experience back in the 1990s as such if their memory is not as short as ours, then they really need to sit up and look back.

        Swedish unemployment continues to fall

        Tuesday, 22 November 2011
        Approximately 345,000 people, or 6.9 percent of the Swedish workforce, were unemployed in October.

        Norway may cut rate as the Euro crisis squeeze

        Monday, 21 November 2011
        The euro crisis has pushed forced the Norwegian banks' costs so much that the policy rate may be lowered, according to Norway's central bank governor Øystein Olsen.

        How the Euro crisis eats deep in the heat of the Swedish economy

        Saturday, 19 November 2011
        As Sweden is the leading economy and the industrial power house of the Nordic region, it becomes imperative to look at to how the Euro zone crisis plays in its operation.

        More and more people in Sweden want to become engineers

        Friday, 18 November 2011
        The training of civil engineering is by far the most sought after of all university disciplines this year as various indications show that the demand for the discipline will explode in Sweden in the coming years.

        Chinese people must learn the Danish way – according to Denmark

        Friday, 18 November 2011
        The creative teaching model in Denmark is so unique that it not only regarded as the best tool in public service, but also a hardcore business resource.

        Gay men in Sweden stopped from giving blood - despite rule change

        Thursday, 17 November 2011

        Blood Centre in the municipality of Sundsvall will defy the welfare board’s decision on Monday which had passed the rule that increases the opportunity for gay men to donate blood.

        Swedish Foreign Ministry organizes business trip to the corrupt regime

        Wednesday, 16 November 2011

        Things are getting tough and the markets are getting cramp, as such, countries such as Sweden which used to shy away from doing businesses with regimes that are deemed corrupt and repressive regime reversing that.

        Swedes don’t care very much about falling house prices – some see it as a blessing Wednesday, 16 November 2011
        Falling house prices may be a cause for concern for the national economy but the Swede doesn’t cares about it.

        Billion of EU subsidies paid for regional development has been plagued with errors

        Tuesday, 15 November 2011
        Much of the money the EU has been spending on regional aid is reportedly paid in error or lost in imaginative presentations, writes Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. The biggest culprits are Spain, Italy and Czech Republic.

        Mobile phone and the computer take over TV viewers in a Swedish underdeveloped TV market

        Monday, 14 November 2011

        More and more people in Sweden are watching TV over the internet while the traditionally television-guild restricted viewing is losing ground.

        When the public meets the Norwegian mass murderer and look into his eyes

        Monday, 14 November 2011

        People have been queuing since 6 hours in the morning in front of the Norwegian court where the Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Breivik Behring would be defending himself of the killings and bombing he carried out a few months ago.

        High level Racism rife in Finland, Authorities woke up and became surprise by the result Sunday, 13 November 2011

        Either out of touch officials or high level hypocritical Finnish politicians reacted on Sunday to report of a study which show that two thirds of Finns believe that there are very or quite a lot of racism in Finnish society.

        Sigh of relief as the Swedish social democrats starts showing better numbers

        Sunday, 13 November 2011

        The precipitous fall in opinion

        polls support the Swedish Social Democrats Party had shown in the last few months seem to be halting according to a look at the latest opinion polls.

        Wikileak’s Julian Assange on his way to Sweden - reports

        Friday, 11 November 2011
        Julian Assange, founder of the whistle blower site Wikileak is ob hins way to sweden to stand charges of sex crimes according to recent reports from various Swedish news houses.

        Norway's justice minister resigns amidst criticisms

        Friday, 11 November 2011
        Norwegian Justice Minister, Knut Storberget resigns from the government, but the Norwegian prime minister says it is not due to the criticism that Storberget endured recently.

        Swedish government intervenes in the Saab business and has contacted GM

        Friday, 11 November 2011

        As we wrote recently, the Swedish government’s interest is to offload Saab in any way possible and their push to that direction is eminent. Had they intervened earlier enough probably the company would have been running without the need for the Chinese to salvage its survival.

        Dull outlook for the already strained Swedish labour market as increases in notices of termination begins to be observed

        Friday, 11 November 2011
        When the Nordic “tiger economy” begins to wane is when closer to 5700 people were given notice in October for sacking, according to the Swedish Employment Service. This is an increase of 4,800 compared to same month last year.

          Sweden presents itself as the only EU country with budget surplus
          Thursday, 10 November 2011
          Sweden is the only EU country which is expected to have surplus in its budget for the next two years according to an assessment of the EU Commission in its autumn forecast.

          Swedish alcohol retail monopoly,

          Systembolaget sets sales record

          Thursday, 10 November 2011
          Exactly what the Swedish government wanted – that when people want to buy alcohol, the state should be the only one to cash from it.

          Euro Crisis cools the bubbly Swedish housing market further

          Thursday, 10 November 2011
          Supply of housing in Sweden has collapsed even though there is still high demand for it.  But particularly, condominiums for sale in Stockholm have decreased in the number produced, and the trend in same in the whole country.

          Swedish Inflation rate stood at 2.9 percent

          Thursday, 10 November 2011
          The inflation rate was 2.9 percent in October (3.2 percent in September) according to latest Consumer Price Index (CPI), for October 2011 report statistic Sweden.

          Weak Danish exports constrict the economy and push it more to recession

          Wednesday, 09 November 2011
          The Danish economy has really been performing poorly in the past six years, as the Danish companies exported less to the international market.

          Swedish private Pharmacy companies using tax havens to manage taxes

          Wednesday, 09 November 2011
          Venture capital companies behind the creation of the growing new pharmacy chains in Sweden  such as Medstop, picture above,  are locking their monies in tax free accounts outside of Sweden in a radical form of tax avoidance or tax management.

          Carcinogenic poison found in baby food in Sweden – Alarm

          Tuesday, 08 November 2011
          Many baby food products from the product brand Semper in Sweden have been withdrawn after it was found to contain traces of dangerous cancer-causing poisons.

          "Finland's departure could strengthen the euro" - Reports

          Monday, 07 November 2011
          Finland, Greece, Portugal and Ireland could withdraw from the euro single currency. As this happens, it could do good for those countries and strengthen the euro, according to reports.

          Swedish Social Democrat leader continues to be shellacked on opinion polls by current Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

          Monday, 07 November 2011
          The collapse of public opinion continues for the Swedish Social Democrat leader, Hakan Juholt persists and gradually becoming permanent. For Juholt himself, he is not worried

          Sweden to tighten control on Labour immigration

          Monday, 07 November 2011
          Swedish government is making a U-turn to earlier interest to open its borders for labour migration to the country and to instead tighten labour migration as from next year.

          Young Greeks in search of the future in Sweden

          Sunday, 06 November 2011
          The economic crisis in Greece means that mass unemployed young Greeks will be migrating elsewhere and recently it is reported that the amount of Greek immigrant to Sweden and other northern European countries in desperate search of jobs is rising.

          How Swedish communes contribute to failing Swedish school system
          Sunday, 06 November 2011
          Why are Swedish schools performing poorly of late? The answer lies with the laxity of the Swedish communes and municipalities.

          Swedish far right party to sharpen propaganda machinery by setting up radio station

          Sunday, 06 November 2011
          Swedish far right party, Sweden Democrats have been authorized to broadcast local radio in Falkirk, something that has been seen by some people as a first step towards design more aggressive propaganda machinery.

          The sale of Saab seems to be incomplete until GM says so but the US auto giant  looks reluctant to sign off the sale of Saab

          Friday, 04 November 2011

          Although most people thought that the miseries of Saab automobile is over as the Chinese step in to pump in badly needed money, there seem to still be a mission chip in the puzzle, GM.

          “Somebody has to live somewhere”: Bjorn Wahlroos

          Friday, 04 November 2011

          About Christian Clausen, CEO of Nordea’s luxury apartment which the bank, Nordea is providing and gilt-edged pension plan that has been widely reported, there is nothing in them that stirs Nordea’s chairman Bjorn Wahlroos. He even said that he would on the contrary gladly raise Clausen's salary.

          Record low support for the Swedish Social Democrats

          Friday, 04 November 2011
          The Swedish Social Democrats continues to loose support in a new poll as the bad blood the supports have for the party’s leader continue to push support away.

          Finnish minister calls for concern about behaviour at Nordic Council meeting

          Thursday, 03 November 2011
          Nordic-corporationFinnish European Affairs Minister, Alexander Stubb, has attracted concerns from fellow Nordic colleagues at a meeting of Nordic foreign ministers in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

          Sweden to solve it doctor deficiency problems in 10 years

          Thursday, 03 November 2011


          In ten years, the shortage of doctors in Sweden will be an issue of the past. Many Swedish students who are studying medicine abroad are now starting to come back. Meanwhile, the number of places in Sweden for the same subject has risen sharply in recent years.

          Weaker Swedish service sector growth

          Thursday, 03 November 2011
          Swedish purchasing managers' index for services fell to 49.1 in October. In September, the index was 51.4.

          British and Danish Royals meet in Copenhagen to work for Africa

          Wednesday, 02 November 2011
          Danish Royals, Crown Prince Frederik and British Prince William went in one car while the two women princesses, Danish Mary in the blue and Duchess Catherine in red, on Wednesday arrived together at the UNICEF centre in the East of Copenhagen to raise awareness about hunger catastrophe in East Africa.

          Wikileaks founder Julian Assange looses appeal to be extradited to Sweden

          Wednesday, 02 November 2011
          Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has failed in his appeal against extradition from the UK to Sweden over allegations of rape and sexual assault.

            How Swedish immigration minister Billström to become rich in Swedish housing market and Swedish compensation system

            As Swedish small business leaders get old, the sector is at risk of total collapse with massive loss of jobs

            Swedish Defence Employees suspected of smuggling

            Swedish Housing Credit Guarantee Board wants tougher requirements on real estate borrowers

            Sweden leads in high corporate taxes

            Banks hit with Credit rating down grades

            Wednesday, 30 November 2011
            Credit rating agency Standard and Poor's on Tuesday lowered the credit rating for 15 large banks, mainly in Europe and USA.

            Reports of a new owner heading the Saab way

            Tuesday, 29 November 2011
            A third owner may be heading into the Saab Automobile business and could be able to untangle the knot the company is tied into right now

              Volvocar corp wants to hire 10,000

              Monday, 28 November 2011

              Volvo Cars wants to hire more than 10,000 people to achieve its business objectives in which by 2020, it would reach its target of selling 800,000 cars a year.

              Danish Government aid to troubled rail company, DSB First up in smoke

              Saturday, 26 November 2011
              One unresolved business venture which the Danish government attempted was its investment in the rail business with the Scottish transport company First. After forming the DSBFirst and pumping millions of Danish Krona in, the company has gone bust.

                Volvo is considering sale of its Volvo Aero division

                Monday, 21 November 2011

                Vehicle Group AB Volvo launched a process aimed at selling its Volvo Aero, division which focuses on the manufacture of aircraft engines.

                Sweden has the lowest proportion of young managers in the EU

                Monday, 21 November 2011
                Sweden has the lowest proportion of managers under the age of 40 years when one examines similar situation throughout the EU.

                Statoil Sells Assets, Signs Long-term Gas Pact With Centrica

                Monday, 21 November 2011
                Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil Asa (STO) Monday announced plans to divest $1.625 billion worth of upstream assets on the Norwegian continental shelf to U.K.

                Swedish Banking group, SEB sells retail holding in Ukraine 

                Friday, 18 November 2011

                Swedsh banking group, SEB reports that it is selling its retail business in Ukraine to Euro Bank group.

                    Denmark tops the league of EU country with increasing bankrupt companies

                    Friday, 18 November 2011
                    Denmark leads the league of countries where companies often seek bankruptcy protection or where companies easily collapse.

                      Swedish companies loosing grip in the South East Asia region
                      Thursday, 17 November 2011
                      A new survey by the Swedish Trade Council shows that Swedish companies are losing market share in Asia.

                      Volvo Car sales limped Somewhat in Europe, Volvo delivers

                      Wednesday, 16 November 2011
                      Volvo Cars sales fell slightly in October to 0.3 percent, the most recent October statistics for the EU and EFTA countries show according to data from trade association ACEA.

                        Swedish Government subvention to Facebook increases sharply – giving more to those who have Tuesday, 15 November 2011

                        Facebook twisted the arm of the Swedish government and forced it to increase its subvention to the social media company from Skr 30 million to Skr100 million.

                        Low confidence among Swedish retail traders

                        Monday, 14 November 2011
                        The proportion of traders who believe that retail sales will increase in the coming months is still lower than the proportions who believe that sales will decline.

                        Lidl will not move from Sweden unlike previous speculation

                        Friday, 11 November 2011

                        Discount chain Lidl is in Sweden to stay and grow according to its Sweden manager, Werner Evertsen in an interview with the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri, castigating previous rumours that the company was planning to pull out of Sweden.
                        Blackberry trying to crack a tough Scandinavian market Thursday, 10 November 2011

                        Blackberry is the name of the phones, most people in the Scandinavia have seen or heard of but very few have kept it. It wants to make a strong move to entre the tough Scandinavian market.

                        Pang Das limited money needs not be a threat to Saab

                        Thursday, 10 November 2011

                        SCA in a new multi-billion Kronor business

                        Thursday, 10 November 2011
                        Forest Group SCA acquires Georgia-Pacific's tissue business in Europe. The price tag amounts to Skr12.6 billion, according to a press release from the SCA.

                        Reduced profits for Bjorn Borg though brand sales rose

                        Thursday, 10 November 2011
                        Clothing Company Bjorn Borg made a profit before tax of Skr32.7 million for the third quarter, though the company reported Good brand sales during the quarter.

                        Youngman has not given up on their quest for Saab Wednesday, 09 November 2011
                        Saab Automobile's prospective new owners Youngman and Pang Da continued on Wednesday to discuss with Saab's management on other possibilities of doing business together.

                        Volvo to test electric cars in Shanghai

                        Maersk CEO Expects Continued Weak Rates, Tough Quarters Ahead

                        Wednesday, 09 November 2011

                        Ericsson Aims To Increase Revenue From Patents

                        From External source

                        Total, Statoil Call For Urgent Clarity On Shtokman Tax

                        Ooops! Pang Das and Youngman have too little money - reports

                        Tuesday, 08 November 2011

                        Saab Automobile business with the Chinese Youngman and Pang Da is reeling from GM's negative attitude towards it. At the same time the Chinese companies' financial muscle is being challenged.

                        European Commission examining evidence of cartel in SKF business

                        Tuesday, 08 November 2011
                        The European Commission on Tuesday visited SKF's facilities in Gothenburg and in Germany Schweinfurt, to gather information for an investigation into possible anti-competitive collusion between some manufacturers of bearings.

                        Scandinavian Airliner, SAS reports profit

                        Tuesday, 08 November 2011
                        Flight group SAS reported a profit before tax of Skr276 million for the third quarter, compared with a loss of Skr1.027 million same periods last year.
                        Skanska in Brazilian billion power plant construction orders
                        Monday, 07 November 2011

                        Skanska has secured an order for power plant construction in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The order is worth around Skr3.2 billion.

                        War of the words among Swedish electronic retail giants as Media Markt sneers back at Elgiganten

                        Friday, 04 November 2011
                        The CEO of Elgiganten told the Swedish press last week that low priced
                        competition Media Markt is dancing towards bankruptcy just like Onoff after loosing lots of money but yet opening more store branches. Then Media Markt boss sneer back at Elgiganten and tell
                        them to mind their own business. Some people see this as a new form of market bully tact. Is it?

                        Fall in the number of bankruptcies in Sweden in October

                        Friday, 04 November 2011
                        The number of corporate failures Sweden fell by 1 percent in October. So far this year, the number of bankruptcies fell by 4 percent over the same period last year, according to statistics from credit agency, UC.

                        H&M to be challenged in Sweden by another clothing giant UNIQLO
                        Thursday, 03 November 2011

                        Clothing giant Uniqlo is on its way to Sweden to challenge the local brands such as H&M and others such as Kapp Al.

                        Apple super stores in Sweden could be on the way

                        Thursday, 03 November 2011

                        Many Swedish people own most of he various Apple products but there is no major Apply store here as seen on other places such as the UK or Germany. Indications now stand there could be a new apply store here soon.

                        Volvocars continues to do well in the USA

                        Wednesday, 02 November 2011

                        In October, Volvo Cars sold more than Twenty-two percent more cars in the U.S. than in October last year, in Canada, the increase was thirteen percent.

                        Danish giant bank, Danske Bank warns of job cuts

                        Tuesday, 01 November 2011
                        Danish giant bank, Danske Bank warns of job cuts - that some 2,000 jobs will disappear within the group in the next three years.

                        Swedish banks dominate the Baltic banking sector – good or bad things?

                        Monday, 31 October 2011

                        More than half of the banks in the Baltic banking sector are Swedish. But Minister Swedish Financial Markets, Peter Norman would want to see that a larger share of banks in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania should be domestic.

                        Ericsson rejects accusation of arming Iranian tyrants with hi-tech equipments

                        Monday, 31 October 2011

                        Relating to the news reports today which supposes that Swedish telecom giant, Ericsson sold hi-tech locating radar equipments to the tyranic Iranian regime, Ericsson  has counter the claim and rejects the accusations.

                        Western hypocrisy on Freedoms:  How Ericsson’s advanced technology is provided to an Iranian service described as barbaric in the west.

                        Monday, 31 October 2011

                        Swedish telecom giant, Ericsson, sold  high level advanced surveillance equipment to the Iranian regime described in the west as dangerous to its people.

                        The financial turmoil forcing Swedish banks from lending to companies

                        Friday, 28 October 2011

                        The uncertain economic situation has started forcing banks from lending to companies according to a so-called credit barometer carried out by the bank, Danske Bank.

                        Analysts see new window phones to break Nokia's fall it is too early to call?

                        Thursday, 27 October 2011

                        New Nokia Windows models, the Lumia 800 (left) and the Lumia 710. Image: Nokia
                        Some analysts believe that the launch of the new smart phones by Nokia would see the firm returning to its glorious lead in the market but with its shares wobble in yesterdays’ launch, question still remains as to how far the company will go to regain its leading position.