“HIV can be eradicating for good, " – Norwegian HIV researcher Dag Kvale.


Thursday, 14 July 2011
Two generations can HIV be eradicated, believes the Norwegian HIV researcher Dag Kvale.
There are fewer people infected with HIV today than a decade ago. Since 2001 there has been a twelve percent reduction among young people, a marked improvement in other words, even if a new United Nations report says that it is not enough.

Dag Kvale, professor and senior physician at Oslo University, is optimistic. He believes that we are on track to eradicate HIV completely. But it will take some time, about two generations, and cost money.

“It will cost money for our generation, but also likely to provide both health and social benefits in the long run,” he says to Norwegian radio.


For about 30 years ago the extremely contagious viral disease smallpox was wiped out after assiduous eradication efforts worldwide. Similarly, Dag Kvale thinks such a phenomenon, can happen if the international community choose to stop HIV epidemic.

“If we test all volunteers and provide them the right treatment, the epidemic in practice will die out. It requires that the ground for initiating treatment changes, from treating the disease to preventing the infection is effected.”

Dag Kvale would want that HIV medications should not only be used against those who are already sick, but also to healthy people belonging to the risk groups.
In addition, significant investment in research and healthcare should be intensified. Two thirds of those in the world infected with HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa. There care must be expanded, according to Dag Kvale and there must be better follow-ups in those countries.

Today there is no cure for HIV.  If an infected person is given medication at an early stage, however, it reduces the risk of infecting others, and also prevents the HIV from developing into AIDS.
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