Gunfire at youth camp outside Oslo: One person arrested


Friday, 22 July 2011
At least five people have been shot injured in Norwegian Social Democratic Youth League camp in Ut�ya, west of Oslo, reports Norway radio, NRK. One person was arrested at 19 o'clock local time.

Approximately 560 persons were in the camp, according to NRK. Marcus Strin�s, the Swedish youth league press secretary said that, there is currently no information that the Swedish Social Democrats are on the island.

According to an eyewitness, a man who claimed to be police officer opened fire on the participants at the camp, according to NRK.
Young Left party chairman Ali Esbati who is on the island said on the phone to Swedish news network, TT that the atmosphere is very chaotic. “It's extremely dramatic here, people have been shot.”

Esbati said the shooter appears to be a person dressed in some sort of uniform. Gunfire has been on and it may still be underway.

“I saw a person who may have been shot through the mouth. I have seen two people who were apparently immobile,” he says


Esbati say they have long been in the woods and have tried to lie low. People are running around and there are hundreds of people on the island.
“Many are children. Right now we are on one side of the island.”

A number of people have to jump into the cold water and tried to swim out to escape the gunfire. “It's total chaos, we know nothing and I hear now a helicopter for the first time.”

The prime minister was expected to have spoken at the camp.  Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was in the Youth League programs and is reported to have spoken to the campers on Saturday morning.

Several people bear witness to the shooting at Ut�ya, reports the Norwegian radio NRK.
According to unconfirmed information, medical staff was on their way to the scene.

Whistle-blowers reported that someone fired wildly with a handgun. It is still unknown if someone has been killed or injured.
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