German bean sprouts are the next suspect behind the deadly EHEC outbreak


Sunday, 05 June 2011
Germany health authorities now believe that locally grown beans sprouts can be the source of infection behind the massive EHEC outbreak. After eliminating the festival in Hamburg, they are now observing some locally grown bean sprouts as the host of the deadly virus.

Several of the restaurants where people were infected, they had eaten food supplied with bean sprouts. The suspected germ comes from a farm in Lower Saxony, north-western Germany, writes the German newspaper Bild, according to radio Sweden.

So far, 22 people have died and over 2000 have been seriously fallen ill after being infected by the previously unknown EHEC bacteria.

It is still not proven that the sprout from Uelzen is the underlying factor behind the EHEC-proliferation. Results are expected tomorrow. Yet the German authorities are calling on consumers not to eat bean sprouts.

The suspected germs - which are of 18 different varieties - were used in the finished salad mixtures which were then sold directly or through intermediaries to restaurants in northern Germany.

Earlier on Sunday it was found that another Swede has been infected by EHEC according to various reports. A total of 47 Swedes have now fallen ill, one of whom has died. Still being treated are 15 people for the complication.

All Swedish suspected cases are being linked to the German outbreak. There is no evidence that anyone has become infected by consuming food in Sweden.
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