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French rivals to the Swedish Jas gripen may be grounded

Thursday, 08 December 2011
France is considering stopping the production of its fighter jets Rafale which is one of the arch rivals to the Swedish jet fighter Jas Gripen. This could follow the eventually cessation of production if there are no orders from abroad.

French media reports monitored in Sweden was clear in their reports and which could bring some cheers to the Swedish military armament industry which has become some of Swedish biggest main stay.


Sweden is geared to increasing its military hardware exports even to dangerous human right violent countries in the future and the elimination of a competitor in the market comes with much needed good news.

A news program on Wednesday in which France's Defence Minister, Gérard Longuet talked about the unexpected development on the future of fighter jets Rafale would mean that the
Aircraft which is one of Jas Gripen's main competitors in international contracts could be eliminated giving the Swedes more room for better contract procurement in the future including the most recently, in Switzerland, where the Swedish jets maker was winning the battle for the coveted multi-billion dollar contract.

According to Gérard Longuet , Dassault, which manufactures aircraft, is having to stop production if the defence group does not manages to sell the aircraft abroad.
Production stoppage would certainly come in 2018, when Dassault has delivered all the aircraft that the French government has already ordered.

But then, and in the event that the international contracts fail "so it would mean an end to the manufacturer, not the user."  The French Minister stressed that the aircraft that are in use, of course, will be maintained.

The French aircrafts manufacturer started production in the 1980s but 20 years, they have not managed to sell a single aircraft abroad.
At the moment, the French have large fighter aircraft procurement, including in Brazil, where both the Rafale and Gripen are contenders for contracts there.
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