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Former Swedish opposition party leader nominated for top UN job

Tuesday, 24 January 2012
The Swedish government has nominates former Social Democrat party leader, Mona Sahlin as a candidate for the post of Director General of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva.

The Swedish trade unions and employers' organizations support her candidacy.
Mona Sahlin is currently visiting in South America. In a week, she and Labour Minister Hillevi Engstrom, who proposed her, will participate in a joint press conference in Stockholm.
This is a bit weird in the Sahlin used to attach the government of Engstrom when she was the leader of the opposition.


ILO since 1999 was led by Chilean Juan Somavia as the Director General of Chile. He departs on the 30th September 2012 and somebody has to succeed him. This time there is increased talk of a woman to take the position for the first time in its history.

Looking around, Mona Sahlin stands as the best choice after coming from a party in Sweden that leads all such parties in the world in taking care of workers and designing better working condition for its members. Sahlin therefore is the best person to take this type of idea and knowledge into the ILO.

Even Hillevi Engstrom nominated Mona Sahlin because, according to him, she's a very solid politician with a broad range of expertise in the matters dealing with the ILO.
The ILO in itself is the UN specialized agency for employment and workplace issues, and has 183 Member States. Member States are represented by their governments, employers and employees.

The organization's mission is to promote employment, good working conditions, respect for workers' rights, equality in the workplace and social protection at the global level.

Last week, Mona Sahlin thanked those who nominated and referenced her and agreed to be nominated.
“She is looking forward to it and if you look at her track record she has a good chance if we can get other members to stand behind her.”

In March, the ILO will interview the candidates and in May the chosen candidate will be appointed as new Director General.
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