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Former Swedish PM, Persson calls on Sweden to join the euro pact

Monday, 09 January 2012
"If there is any country that should go into the new euro pact it is us," said the former Swedish Prime Minister, Goran Persson in an interview with a Swedish Social media news portal.

For over eight years now the Swedes have voted “no” to become member of the European Monetary Union and Swedish Social Democrat party has not been very keen that Sweden has not likely been interested to participate in the new euro pact.

But now former Prime Minister, Goran Persson, has gone on the attack and says that Sweden can not afford to remain outside.
"We have never ever had a better environment for international democracy and when we leave and walkover, it's dangerous," said Goran Persson to the website Newsmill.


Had Sweden moved and join the European Monetary Union, (EMU) in 2003, Sweden would have had much more influence now, according to Göran Persson, who is surprised that Swedish politicians do not see what is happening.

“The EU is growing in importance and in embarking on a Swedish way of structural reforms. This is the place for Sweden to join,” he argues.

Persson sees a risk that Sweden will be left behind as well as Britain, which is a traditionally historically Euro sceptical. But unlike the UK, Sweden does not have the strength and special linguistic, cultural and economic conditions to continue to be on their own.

"The fact that Sweden would join in the trend (euro scepticism) is not good. Now we take note of a sort of turbidity in nationalism, an unholy alliance between a right that does not articulate what they think and a left dreaming about what it was before," he says.

Euro Alliance is an intergovernmental agreement to strengthen economic governance in the euro countries, but other EU countries have been invited to participate. The Liberal Party has been positive to the proposal while the Social Democrats took a stand against.

If you read Swedish and or can translate in a way, you can catch the interview here
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