Former Swedish Green party leader, Maria Wetterstrand hops out of parliament


Saturday, 27 August 2011
When the Swedish Parliament reconvened after summer recess, one of it most vocal member, Maria Wetterstrand will formally leave her seat.

Breaking news on Saturday morning pointed to speculations finally being realised. "I am not at all bitter and sour, rather it feels like it's time to move on," she told Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.
She was one of the Swedish Green Party's former spokesperson and will be leaving the parliamentary work when the Riksdag opens on September 15, according to the news paper Eskilstuna Courier which first reported on the issue on Saturday.

After being knocked out from her leadership position recently, she became some bitter that politics all together did not look nice working from below being directed by some other young people. Since then she has been thinking of leaving the whole thing all together. For her it is either on top or nothing.

“I've been thinking about this since I left as a head of the party and it feels like I can do at least much benefit in the policy debate by becoming an independent green commentator who writes and gives lectures,” she says to Dagens Nyheter.

One other reason for the decision is to be closer to his two children and her husband Ville Niinist´┐Ż, Finnish Minister of the Environment.
“But the main reason is that I feel it's time to do something else.”

She declares that she is not leaving parliament because of any bitterness and that it has been instructive and "very, very interesting" to be a Member of Parliament, not least because of all the people she met.

“I have been fortunate to meet lots of people I have spoken with and gotten to know.”
Maria Wetterstrand has received several invitations for top management and chairmanship in big corporations, but these are not something she would be interested in at the moment, she said.

For those in the parliament who interpreted her action differently and would be disappointed now she “hopes that they’ll be able to rejoice that I am taking part in political activities in other ways in the future.”
It is unclear what role and what Maria Wetterstrand will have in the Green Party in the future. She is currently in the group which is revising the Green party’s program.

The party is planning to change strategy in the future and might choose to work with other political groups other than the Social Democrats. If this happen. Then the Greens will be loosing their liberal and strong environmental attachment and might be shifting more towards the centre of the Swedish politics.
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