Formation of a new government in Finland an uphill task


Monday, 18 April 2011
True Finns' victory in the Finnish Parliamentary elections make for difficult negotiations in the formation of a next government according to media tracks in Finnish.

It is expected that a waiting period for party consultation individually and cross negotiations could begin before any feeling of a real government could start emerging. The most likely scenario is a three-party consisting of the National Coalition Party, Finnish Social Democratic Party and True Finns and the National Coalition Party leader, Jyrki Katainen as Prime Minister
Negotiations for the formation of the new government are being led by the National Coalition Party, which became the largest party after yesterday’s voting. Party Chairman Jyrki Katainen will not meet the other parties' leadership until "later", and it is unclear if it will be this week.


Coalition Party and the Social Democrat party boards will meet on Tuesday, the True Finns board meets on Wednesday.
Every indication is that the above three-parties with form the next and it is not very clear the part to be played by the small Swedish People's party. The party has informally had a reserved place in all governments since 1979.
The election results will be confirmed on Wednesday. Election Control bill – the checking of  the voters results will be ready at six o'clock in the evening on Monday (Today).
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