Five Swedish fighter jets Jas Gripen to remain in aircraft in Libya


Tuesday, 07 June 2011
The Swedish authorities have agreed to leave five of its fighter jets the Jas Gripen planes to continue to participate in the NATO Libyan expedition so as to monitor arms embargo.

This is one of the points that the opposition Social Democrats and the government agreed to in the recent negotiations on continued Swedish Libya-operation. The leader of the Social Democrats,  Hakan Juholt told Swedish television news program  rapport which was later followed by confirmation support from other parties such as the Greens and the left parties.


The Left Party, was not part of the negotiations, but was briefed on Tuesday on the preliminary settlement with the Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

The issues of Swedish continued participation in the Libyan operation has been mixed in the Swedish political scene with the Social democrats rejecting participation and then accepting again. The consensus will see the Swedish jet fighters perform more duties along with the coalition forces in the coming weeks, months or maybe longer.

This goes against the earlier calls by the Social democrats to withdraw their forces and renegotiable participation. 
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