Finnish right wing party the True Finns knobs Government position in protest against Portugal Aid


Thursday, 12 May 2011
True Finns Party has declined to be part of the new Finnish Government being formed after the recent general elections which the party did very well. Its main reason to stay out has to with the issue of EU aid to Portugal.

According to Yle, Finnish national broadcaster, the True Finns refused to be part of a government that advances the euro zone bailout package. Party leader Timo Soini said working with the Social Democrats and National Coalition who agree on EU funding on countries with poorly managed economies does not suit his party.

Soini said that it was "a hard decision to make and that the party was trying in earnest to be part of government negotiations."

True Finns was in the April general election 19 percent of the votes and emerged the third largest party in Finland.
National Coalition Party leader Jyrki Katainen is now free to discuss government formation  with other parties, said the True Finns' leader Timo Soini in a press conference, reported Yle.

He deplored the defection but said that "neither he nor the party can act against his convictions with regard to EU funding".
He said the decision was made by the party itself, not the Prime Minister-designate Jyrki Katainen. "It would have been nice to be part of the government, but you can't betray yourself," said Soini.

According to Soini, the decision was hard and will have tough political consequences. He added that the party's negotiator and executive committee were unanimous in the decision.
He added that nothing had really changed in EU policy, as the alterations are only skin-deep.
"We will become the main opposition party," said Soini.
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