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Finland’s struggle with the Euro continues as more calls for the resurrection of the Finnish Mark becomes louder

Monday, 16 January 2012
The Finnish presidential election edge closer, concerns about the Euro single currency has now been raised again. The call is that Finland should abandon the euro.

This is not the first time sentiments in Finland in relation to the currency have been heated. But now the calls have been active and much more vocal. The far right Populist Party True Finns presidential candidate Timo Soini has been off the ground thanks to its euro-critical attitude.

The European currency crisis has almost fallen in order for Timo Soini. During the election campaign, his EU and euro-critical policy proposal has gone home well with the people.
“I can not accept the salary of the work that Finns do shipped outside our national borders in the form of aid packages,” he says.


Studies show that Soini ius vying for second place in the election and thus have great potential to progress to a probable second round.

In the battle for second place is also the action of the Centre party’s presidential candidate Paavo Väyrynen, who also collects votes with his European and Euro-critical line.
"Compared to Sweden, we have suffered," he said

Väyrynen of the Centre party during the campaign have suggested that Finland could be a solution to the euro crisis but now he took a bold move to talk about resurrecting back  of the Finnish mark as their next currency and compare to Sweden which is a Euro country and is doing well. They compare long the lines that Finland and Sweden have similar economic policies, more open economies and competitions in various aspects of their economies as well as open accounting system with limited corruption and sleeze.

“We should consider leaving the euro currency area. Compared to Sweden, we have suffered from that we have been through,” says Väyrynen.

The investigations carried out show that one fifth of Finns are willing to abandon the euro and take back the Finnish mark. But among far rights True Finns supporters, majority want their own currency.

The big favourite in the election, Conservative Party's presidential candidate, Sauli Niinisto, has during the campaign repeatedly been forced to defend his decision to allow the then Minister of Finance to take Finland into the euro zone without seeking the opinion of the people.

But despite the European currency crisis and the criticism he defends the currency changeover: “Finland has had great use of the euro and I think that Europe will pull through the crisis.”
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