Finland declares that they have to learn from Sweden on how to efficiently manage an economy


Tuesday, 07 June 2011
Finland has given in and has agreed that the Finnish economy is not as great as the Swedish especially as the Swedish unemployment is falling and confidence is at its peak. Finland acknowledges that watching Sweden speeds pass by economically, “we are stomping on the spot and did not recover from the financial crisis as well”. Therefore they have agreed that they must learn as to why Sweden is performing better than them.

"The Swedes are discussing better, have a stronger self-esteem and have embraced internationalism in a completely different way than us," said Konecranes Chairman Stig Gustavson, whom with his organization  gave their views on the matter of Industry and Commerce,  EVA's publication, "Heja Sweden."


Gustavson says that the Finns are probably better than they think, but the Swedes are more fearless. Their policies are more professional and bold with decisions that dared to be nice but that are necessary. Gustavson thinking in particular of how Sweden changed their tax policy such that wealthy Swedes were willing to move tehir wealth back home.

We have much in common but there are differences that need to be fixed. Gustavson mentions, for example of Sweden's inheritance and gift taxes, which now works so that one do not pay tax until they sell the gift or legacy. Also changes don’t affect people when a company goes through a change of ownership from parent to child.
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