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European bureaucracy is costing states as EU summits pitted to cost billions

Thursday, 08 December 2011
When forces in countries such as the UK are clamouring to withdraw most of their relations with the EU, one may feel the UK is just whining because their economy is bad. But far from that the inability of the EU bureaucrats to quickly and intelligently resolve the current crisis in dragging the region to intense financial looses.


The debt crisis has forced 26 additional sessions in Brussels for EU leaders. Overall, the meetings have cost taxpayers €234 million, about Skr 2.1 billion, writes Swedish daily Svenska Dagsbladent (SvD).

Summits between the EU leaders in Brussels will cost around €10 million, about Skr90 million, per meeting. In total, in the last three years, additional meetings have cost €234 million, about SEK 2.1 billion, reports the SvD referring to a calculation from the Spanish news agency Efe.

The agency has calculated the costs for transportation, food and lodging for experts and delegations travelling to and from the 27 member countries. Moreover, taking into account the cost of such safety devices, limitations in local traffic and blocked roads, according to, how are the European bureaucrats helping their continent?

This attitude reflect the accusation that Europe is suffering from lack of competitiveness and if this is how it is reflected in the various EU countries, then the current crisis is just the tip of the iceberg.
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