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Embattled Social Democrats finally got some people who could say “yes” – at last as Löfven and Österberg will lead the Social Democrats

Thursday, 26 January 2012
After a barriage of “NO” to the leadership question of the Swedish Social Democrats party, Stefan Löfven and Sven-Erik Österberg have accepted to become the Social Democrats new management duo reports Swedish television.

IF Metall chairman Stefan Löfven takes over as the Social Democrats leader, according to news agency TT and Swedish television. The two source report that Sven-Erik Österberg becomes new leader of the Riksdag and Carin Jämtin will remain as party secretary.

Stefan Löfven had to squeeze through the media call-up on Sveavägen to get into today's meeting with the Social Democrats' executive committee, where he is deputy. He would not comment on the reports:
"You'll have to wait a bit. I‘ll acknowledge nothing, "he says.


Stefan Löfven has been around a long time within the circles of speculation about the new party leader
Already in connection with the resignation of Mona Sahlin, he was a hot name that many would see as a new leader.
Löfven sits on the Executive Committee but he has stayed out of the warring factions and is considered to be a person who can unite the party.

Löfven, who has the respect of many camps inside and outside the Social Democrats, is said to be a pragmatic person.
When the financial crisis in 2009 was at its worst Löfven signed an agreement with workers Union, IF Metall union to agree to wage cuts in exchange for jobs being saved.

Since Stefan Löfven is not a parliamentarian, he will be flanked by party leaders of the senator, Sven-Erik Österberg who has a prominent role in the new leadership.

He is the one who takes the debates between party leaders and other commitments Löfven can not be there.

Sven-Erik Österberg, who also sits in the Executive Committee, has in recent days accused the Left of the party of conspiracies and he has bee one of those who held the axe when Hakan Juholt had to leave his post as party leader.

The shared leadership can be seen as an attempt by those who wanted to keep Juholt to prevent Osterberg, a key post within the Social Democrats.
However, it is difficult to see that Osterberg would have conspired since he is the one that has been open about his opinions and positions on the crisis of Social Democracy and Hakan Juholt as a leader.
By Team

Sven-Erik Österberg background
Born in 1955.
Chairman of the Social Democrats in Västmanland.
Member of Parliament since 1994.
Has also been the team leader and Local Government and Minister for Financial Markets.
Member of the Party's executive committee. Mayor of Skinnskatteberg 1991-1994.
Ombudsman in Swedish Lumberjacks League.
Said earlier this week that he was "not aware" of the job as party leader.
Source: Swedish television

Stefan Löfven
Stefan Löfven was born in 1957 in Stockholm and has been Chair of the IF Metall since 2006. He began his career in 1979 as a welder at Hagglund & Sons in Örnsköldsvik.

The first trade mission he received in 1981 when he was elected contact ombudsman at their workplace.
Since then he has held a number of trade missions.
2001 he was elected Deputy Chair of the IF Metall and four years later he was then Federal Chairman.

2006 he was elected into the Social Democrats' executive committee.
Leaves lives in Stockholm with his wife.

It is the first time the Social Democrats chooses a party leader who is not a parliamentarian. It is also the first time the party's leader will direct com from the labour Union, "LO-family".
Source: Swedish Television

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