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Economic confidence is best in Sweden compared to other EU countries

Monday, 02 January 2012
Among Europe's major economies, Swedes is the only smaller economy that challenges the big boys in terms of confidence in their own country's national accounts to stand up. It shows a new global survey conducted in 24 countries with nearly 18,000 respondents too part.


According to opinion firm Ipsos that has made the study,  73 percent of Swedes claim that Sweden's "economic situation is good." Thus, Sweden is in Europe's top along with Germany, where more than six in ten have faith in the German economy.

The measurement was made in December, and from October the outcome has been that the Swedes’ views on the Swedish economy continued to strengthened somewhat.

Ipsos finds in its investigation, perhaps not surprisingly, that in countries like Italy and Spain, where the euro crisis hits the population for months their faith in their own economies remain dismal.

In Spain, for example, confidence in the domestic economy is a paltry 3 percent and 6 percent in Italy. But even French hold the bottom segment with 7 percent and Hungary, which receives 3 percent.

In theUSA, 19 percent believe in their country's economy, while the northern neighbour, Canada, can expect a 62 confidence. The most satisfied are the Saudi Arabian population, where as much as 89 percent have confidence in their economy.
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