EU commissioner relies on Danish border policy to reflect EU rules as promised by the Danes


Thursday, 23 June 2011
Denmark is not supposed to have an internal border within the EU given that the EU is supposed to be border free. But Denmark seems to have insisted on a compelling reason (s) as to why it wants the border and now the EU seems to have to dance with it.

This is why the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Cecilia Malmstr�m, said that she has trust in the Danish government's promise that the Danish customs control will be in accordance with EU legislation.

“I have just received information that the prime minister has declared that nothing will be implemented without European consent, which of course is excellent,” says Malmstr�m.


She went on and said that “I trust that the statements today from the Prime Minister and the government are what will happen. Of course we will continue the dialogue, but this assurance today that everything will be in accordance with European legislation is very welcome.”

This is a brand new tune from the Swedish commissioner who has headed the EU commission’s conversations and negotiations with the Danish Government for the enhanced customs controls at the borders.

“We expressed our concerns very clearly when the actions were presented a few weeks ago,” explains Malmstr�m itself.

The Danish Government and Danish officials have also assured that neither Schengen nor the EU internal market would be adversely affected by customs inspection.
On their part the Germany's Deputy Foreign Minister, Werner Hoyer, who has previously expressed criticism of border controls, expressing "full confidence" that the Danish government will find a solution in the European spirit.
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