Did the Swedish government tap the Far right party Sweden Democrats for voting concession and if so was there anything wrong with it?


Tuesday, 14 June 2011
The Swedish ruling Alliance coalition is reported to have contacted the Swedish far right party for voting concession in the parliament.

Swedish daily, Svenska Dagblandet reports that in an oath of secrecy, the ruling parties had contacted the Sweden Democrats to lull them to support them in a parliamentary decision.

The Swedish government have a very slim majority in the parliament and the opposition bloc, the Red-Green coalition, also have not enough votes to defeat government bills on their own. The far right Sweden Democrats now stand as balance of power and has been playing both ways.


Initially, last year, the far rights supported the government in many of its bill but soon they changed their stance and have been working with the opposition. They have helped the opposition crush government bill proposals such as the sales of state own companies. Now the government is getting desperate and badly need their support and so one could expect the calling for the Sweden democrats in the dark for chit-chats.

Tony Wiklander, of the Sweden Democrats, a member of the Traffic Committee, acknowledges that there were some negotiations. On two occasions he has had contact with the alliance officials for talks. In one case, he outlined his position and in another he was briefed the Alliance to adjust to a proposal reports, Svenska Dagblandet.

The Moderates party, the biggest in government denies the existence of negotiations in the traffic committee, were it is alleged discussion and negotiations took place.
We are just puzzled by the headline this news in getting Sweden. Why the fuzz? Should the Alliance not have a chat to drum up the support of the far rights?
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