Denmark’s L�kke announces election Date amidst economic woes


Friday, 26 August 2011
Danish premier, Lars L�kke Rasmussen at 11 o’clock Swedish time, made the announcement all have been waiting for – date for elections. He gave a short statement confirming that the election will be held on September 15.

“The world is affected by uncertainty. We have fared better than might have expected,” said the prime minister and praised the Venstre-Conservative government's policies for ten years.

While praising the cooperation under the Danish People's Party, the Prime Minister went on and said that:
“But we need a broader platform for the economic policies needed in the coming years, not unrealistic political dreams. I have therefore informed the Queen Margrethe that there will be elections on September 15. I wish all the Danes a good choice,” finished Rasmussen without answering questions.


One drive for the election call could be the collapse of negotiations on the government's stimulus package and on that basis the elected prime minister should be expected to take the consequences.

According to the Prime Minister, the economic situation is the crucial factor in the election.
"In the midst of a worldwide debt crisis, the Danes have to stand with a clear choice: uncontrolled indebtedness or permanent welfare. (...) The government has given a safe and responsible course for Denmark - then we must not jeopardize it, "says Loop.

“The solution is not debt and higher taxes. The solution is instead the responsible economic policies "that have made Denmark one of the safest countries in the world."

In the background there is a record budget deficit of Dkr85 billion hanging on Denmark’s heard.
If the election were held today, the red block would be expected to get a majority of 53.7 percent against 47.2 percent for the non-socialist bloc. It shows I a measurement made by Voxmeter for news agency Ritzau.

The prime minister ended the eight-minute long announcement with the words:
"The Liberals and Conservatives will go to the polls with a desire for broad cooperation across the center of Danish politics. It is crucial for Denmark. It is crucial for the individual family. I want all Danes to make a good choice. "
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