Denmark to initiate a new border control although it would cost Dkr270 million


Wednesday, 11 May 2011
The Danish Government, the Danish People's Party and Christian Democrat are agreeing on a permanent border policy for Denmark as a return to border control is being observed in Denmark.

They attribute the introduction of the control system sponsored by the Danish People's Party to the growing crime wave in the country. Danish People's Party's demand for cameras and several customs officials along the borders of Denmark has been approved by the government and the Christian Democrat Per Oerum Jorgensen.

“The background is the rising crime wave in the country, which increasingly, we have seen it becomes rampant. We want to curb it,” said Danish Finance Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen.

The Finance Minister says that there are talks of establishing control systems at the borders with  several customs officers to be placed on border posts with plants to capture missing license plates of cars being stolen from Denmark and driven across the boarder to other countries.
They also plan to scan vehicles for drugs or people who are hiding to be smuggled into Denmark.

“This will cost money and already a price tag of Dkr27 million is already been accounted as the initial cost. “Much will be used for extra staff, and some would be for new technology,” said the finance minister, stressing that border controls will be conducted within the framework of Schengen cooperation.

The German and the Swedish border will also be covered with inspections.  “We’ll also cover the ports where there will also be checked, because we want to be covered all around, according to the Conservative party chairman and Minister for Justice, Lars Barfoed.

“There will be an allocation of Dkr150 million for the construction and to invest in scanners of cars,” said Treasury Peter Christensen.

Alongside this, the authorities want to put Dkr120 million at the disposal of the customs department and the police for the task.

The Danish People's Party, according various news sources in Denmark requires that an agreement on border controls should be in place before the party may sign an agreement on pension reform in the 2020 negotiations.
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