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Denmark spent Dkr324 million on the Libyan crisis

Thursday, 05 January 2012
The total price Denmark paid for its contribution to the military action against Libya amounts to Dkr620 million, but the Danish military claimed Dkr296 million would have been the cost under all circumstances to keep the F16 aircraft flying over the country.

The additional price for the action was Dkr324 million. “And it's worth it,” says Defence Minister Nick Haekkerup to radio Denmark.


“We have it free and we feel safe, and we take too much for granted.  It required an effort from the Danish side to help people to continue to live as they want,” says Nick Haekkerup to news agency Ritzau.

Peter Seeberg in a study at the Center for Middle East at Southern University, SDU believes that the action was in many ways a success.

“You have achieved what we wanted, namely to create a no fly zone to support rebels fighting against Gaddafi. And Gaddafi was removed,” he said.

There was a general support for Denmark's participation in the action, but later fraction started developing in the support after a few days of bombing.
“We have yet to see if the type of operations can be recommended where bombs help to institute democracy. We are fundamentally opposed, says Frank Aaes, parliamentarian from Enhedslisten party which started supporting and later went against.
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