Denmark in collusion course over new border checking policy


Thursday, 09 June 2011
The Danish government and Danish People's Party stands firm on their resolve to put permanent checks on Danish borders and nothing is going to stop them. There, several customs officers and border facilities will be built at the various Danish borders but the decision has called for other European countries to heavily criticised Denmark.

In some of the European countries, the criticism is even violent. And it is very unusual that the criticism of Denmark is so loud, according to Danish Radio
“Normally, countries are trying to be friendly towards each other. But now the EU's largest country, Germany is repeatedly making hard comments against Denmark and now other countries are backing the criticism without putting fingers in between and it is very unusual, "said Ole Ryborg, a correspondence to Radio Denmark.

In fact, Ryborg has never experienced anything like this, in his life. “In the 23 years I have worked as European correspondent in Brussels I have never seen Denmark so heavily criticised this way, "said Ole Ryborg.
Even Sweden has criticised Denmark for lifting boarders between them and said that the border control will slow down economic activities and help weaken even Danish ailing economy.


Not long again, Denmark was in a storm over the Mohamed carton which has now cooled down somewhat but authorities say the boundary dispute has set tempers boiling both at home and abroad, and it may hurt Denmark's reputation, such that we should be at logger heads with a number of other countries, assesses a Troels Riis Larsen, a Ph.D. research who is currently working of a thesis “the branding of countries” in Copenhagen Business School.

“You can lose export and it may become harder to attract workers and students, "says Troels Riis Larsen.

He compares with when the Austrian politician Joerg Haider was in government - and the country experienced boycott.
“Then saw the concrete political isolation of Austria, which in turn meant that the country lost power and influence. And it has surely had an economic impact of the country, "said Troels Riis Larsen.

During the time of the cartoon crisis, many countries were furious it Denmark. It has also had a proven an economic impact on the country but something the authorities don’t see. They are so out of touch and believe that Denmark is the only place people can go to for business, work or life.
Arla lost exports for about half a billion in 2006 alone, according to the branding expert.
Quite as bad as when the Muhammad crisis was raging, Troels Riis Larsen expects however not that type of type of reaction but Denmark will be alienated.
“I do not believe that it evolves into a new cartoon crisis. In Europe we do not take things so literally,” he said.

A recent survey by the European Union tourism authority to test the European touristic destination with the EU show that Denmark was the least attractive place for the European to want to visit whereas over the border, Sweden remain attractive. It should be noted that Denmark in the Scandinavian country with negative grown and this could be due to the country’s obsession with immigration controls which might be sending poor signals.
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