Democracy unimportant for many Swedish young Voters but money is most important


Friday, 03 June 2011
Swedish youth are willing to sell their votes to whom or what ever political party or leader that is able to buy according to a new a democracy study which also shows that many young Swedes  have lost faith in Democracy and are now admiring dictatorship more than ever before.

In the study, answered one in five respondents aged 18 to 29 years that they're willing to vote for politicians who offer money or other gift. Many of the more than a thousand young respondents in the study do not believe that democracy is so important.
More than one-fourth of the young people surveyed think it would be good if Sweden was ruled by a strong leader who does not need to worry about election results. The study called the World Values Survey and reported on Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter’s debate page.


The shocking revelation might suggest how Swedish youths have no idea about how dictatorship has led to pain and misery in many countries and has brought chaos in many other periods in history. It also show how those Swedish youths value wealth these days than those little things that give freedom, which are badly needed in some places mostly in many developing world. 
The Swedish your surly lack proper knowledge in history and have become complacent of their system and want to try something else.
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