Danish integration Minister S�ren Pind wants to select immigrants she deems fit to live in Denmark


Monday, 16 May 2011
Danish Integration Minister S�ren Pind wants to introduce positive discrimination of immigrants from countries like USA, Canada and Japan to easy access to Denmark than immigrants from Arab and poorer countries.

Time has run away from Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s fair immigration policy that has been so inflexible that it barred people from Denmark who easily could have made a positive contribution to Danish society according to Integration Minister S�ren Pind speaking to the website of the newspaper  Through affirmative action, he wants to facilitate the immigration of family members - but only for certain immigrants.

“There is a tremendous problem to the Aliens Act which has been so marked by the principle of equality that we are on a scale that is completely unnecessary  and harming people who are happy to come to Denmark and learn Danish,” said S�ren Pind to the newspaper.

Immigrants from countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan should not make the test as other immigrants to Denmark have to do in the context of family reunification.


The test consists of a language and knowledge training program focusing on the Danish society.
The countries for which the Minister is prepared to make exceptions are members of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), ranked high on the UN Human Development Index (HDI) and covered by the EU's visa waiver.

Venstre (V), Denmark's Liberal Party, is part of the center-right coalition government. The party has over its cooperation with the Danish People's party became gradually more restrictive to immigration.

The Danish Christian Democrats criticized the government's plan, interpreted as that Americans should have easier access to Denmark than Arabs as dangerous. Although the
Christian Democrats normally support the government on most of its policies, this time, the party's lone MP, Per Oerum Jorgensen, has voiced against the plan.

That people from certain countries are to have easier access to Denmark through family reunification than others is not fair.
"In our core values are all of equal worth," said Per Oerum Jorgensen.

The development that S�ren Pind will give preferential treatment to people from countries like USA, Australia, Canada and Japan, that they will escape the immigration test at family reunification is not fair.
"It's a dangerous path to go in and sort people that way. There can also be people from Costa Rica, who find it easier to integrate than an Australian or an American, "he said
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