Danish government feels the heat about new border policy


Friday, 10 June 2011
The controversial Danish proposal on strengthening border controls, which have already led to the diplomatic spat with Germany and Europe, is now consistently being sabotaged by the opposition in parliament.

According to Danish media attempts to move the reading of the proposal from the Committee on Taxation to the plenary section is making it harder to get a majority support for it.

The new border policy is part of the government's agreement with the Danish People's Party to pursue a tighter border control so that in return the government would gain their support for its austerity plan.


The Danish economy is really in recession at this moment and the government is desperate to put its financial house in order. One way of achieving this is to carry out wide ranging austerity policies. But these policies must have party consensuses and the Danish people’s party which is very sensitive to immigration saw this as an opportunity to strike a bargain with government. 

‘Bring up border controls, even if it violate EU rules and we’ll support your austerity policy’ the Danish people’s party had demanded. The government agreed but the policy has turned out to be very controversial and the Danish government is likely going to pay a hefty price for it.
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