Could Reinfeldt used his visit to Brazil and make a sales pitch for the Gripen fighter jets


Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt meets the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff today Tuesday and already speculation is rife in the Swedish media that he could go for a sales pitch for the Gripen fighter aircraft business.

Since yesterday morning, Swedish time, the Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt started an official visit to Brazil. Along with him is a strong business delegation.

"Sweden and Brazil are two of the countries that have the strongest growth rates in the world and the countries also trade with each other. We hope that the economic benefit will grow further, "said Fredrik Reinfeldt when he met Swedish media at a reception in the Swedish Ambassador's residence in the capital Brasilia.


Reinfeldt suggest that parts of Europe are basking in poor economic conditions, while countries in South America, Asia and Africa are seeing impressive growth rates.
"This is part of the responses to the growth in world trade and it also the basis for the Swedish export successes to come in the future.”

During the talks between Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and President Dilma Rousseff, they plan to discuss issues including the situation in the global economy.
"We will certainly enter the discussions on Libya and the climate and sustainability issues, "said Reinfeldt.

Asked about if there is any possibility that the affair with the JAS 39 Gripen aircraft will be on the agenda, the Swedish Prime Minister responded that “We have over 220 Swedish companies employing more than 55,000 people here in Brazil. It may well be that some individual businesses might come up, but I'm more here to talk about the basic exchange and cooperation agreements that we sign. "

With the growth of environmental businesses in Brazil, with some authorities believing that Brazil has lots of money that could be invested in environment improvement, the hope is that Fredrik Reinfeldt's climate message to the president does not just becomes what the world expect that Brazil to do, but that the world is willing to help Brazil achieve in that area.
This could also open up more Swedish environmental businesses to work more in Brazil.
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