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Concerns about the fragmentation of the EU the “we” and the “them”.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011
Sweden and other non-euro countries have ended up at the side of the crisis. Euro area countries are welded together more and more, which put a strain on the EU as a whole.

These days people are talking much about the "ins" and "outs" and EU27, EU17 and EU10 in Brussels. All of it attempts to describe the euro area countries versus the ten that are not using the currency (EU countries not using the euro: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and United Kingdom).

The difference between being in and not have been strengthened during the crisis. The now 17 euro countries have always had their own meetings at the Finance level, but with the growing crisis meeting now,  Euro leaders summits and specific legislative proposals is giving them a closer collaborations policies designed out just for them


Britain's David Cameron, one of the strongest countries out of the Euro has aired his concerns that questions about the internal market, financial system and anything else that affects everyone in the euro countries will also spill over to the non euro countries.

Van Rompuy, President of the EU leaders' summits, play down the issue. It's only natural that the 17 must sort out their problems together, he believes.
Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt also wants to play down the rift.
“There has been too much talk about the 17 versus 27 and how the meetings should look like, and too little about the problem, he says.
In Reinfeldt's analysis it is not the euro that is the problem, but mismanaged state finances, poor competitiveness and lacks of structural reforms as well as a financial sector that need changing.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy makes a different analysis. He was pushing hard for the euro countries to develop their ties even more together to become a core group that may come before the others and may even have its own treaties, alongside the EU treaties. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel talks about more integration of the group of 17.

“We want the 27 members to be the base. We want to be constructive and ensure that we are rather closer to their cooperation and holding together the EU, Otherwise it will be unfortunate if we operate in differently I think it would be very unfortunate, said Reinfeldt.

Finance Minister, Anders Borg has this fall launched an initiative to the ten non-euro countries to meet at the same time as the Eurogroup are meeting. But Reinfeldt do not want to cement a crack and do not plan similar in his ranks.
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