Thou shall use cosmetics in Moderation: Researchers


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Monday, 18 July 2011
Women’s use of cosmetic today has expanded and is still growing directing to the view that increasing more women are exposed to chemicals contained in the cosmetic products.

The long-term effects of such chemicals have not yet been pointed out even though suspicions that chemicals could be heaping havoc on users have led to increase close monitor.

Physiology Professor Jorma Toppari from the University of Turku in Finland  points out that, even if something is legal, it doers not necessarily means that thing is healthy.

“We’ve got a massive test on humans underway. There are still thousands of chemicals in cosmetics which haven’t been tested for long-term effects or impact on foetuses,” Toppari says to Finnish news broadcaster Yle.


However it is difficult to conduct thorough tests on cosmetics, since people encounter on daily basis hundreds, if not thousands of chemicals.
The law dictates that make-up products should not be absorbed into the bloodstream. Nonetheless cosmetics do get absorbed into the surface layers of the skin. Toppari says that a wide spectrum of various chemicals can be found in our blood—some coming through air and food, but others also from products like make-up.

Toppari suggests using cosmetics in moderation or, if one wants to be on the safe side, not at all.
The consumption of cosmetic products is on the rise. The average Finn now spends €170 euros on cosmetic products a year. This is twice more than 15 years ago.
Women are the ones buying most cosmetics, so they are naturally also the ones most exposed to the chemicals contained in such products. It does not help that feminine hygiene products also use chemicals, such as preservatives.
By Team, Source: Yle, Finland

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