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The top ranking Swedish universities and collages are …!

Friday, 30 March 2012
Which are the best universities in Sweden? Well, a business magazine, Focus has ranked universities here based on the interest of students own preferences. That means big surprises in the list. But the question raised by this model lies on whether this is the best approach to classify the best universities in a country.

Stockholm School of Economics comes out top in a new ranking of Swedish 26 universities.
Ranking has been based on 23 different variables, such as maximum academic level of teachers up to teacher ratio and the highest number of applicants per place.

The variables were divided into six subgroups. Then a questionnaire was sent to 220,000 students, of whom 15 000 responded. They had to rank how important the classes were and how they looked at a University or a university's quality.

Stockholm Business School became a clear number one in ranking and also recorded high marks in several categories, including a maximum salary after graduation, most applicants per place and the best exchange opportunities.

Lund University and Chalmers University of Technology followed in second and third places respectively on the list.

In the bottom of the Focus rankings are Södertörn University College on 26th place and the University of Skövde on 25th

Ranking – best to worse top 20 universities in Sweden

1.    Stockholm School of Economics
2.    Lund University
3.    Chalmers University of Technology
4.    Uppsala University
5.    Swedish University of Agricultural
6.    Umeå University
7.    Royal Institute of Technology
8.    Jönköping University
9.    Karolinska Institute
10.    University of Linköping
11.    University of Gothenburg
12.    Blekinge Institute of Technology
13.    Luleå University of Technology
14.    University College of Borås
15.    University of Stockholm
16.    Halmstad University
17.    University of Gävle
18.    Mittuniversitetet
19.    Linn University
20.    Malmö University

Which universities are best according to the students varies depending on the education of their choice.
For example, Lund University stood on top in almost all variables and engineering student chooses Chalmers University of Technology.

The Magazine points out that one of the contributing factors to the high ranking of schools such as Chalmers, is the relatively homogeneous programming that allows schools to invest considerable resources on a small number of courses.

The same logic underlies KI and KTH's comparatively low values. Both universities offer prestigious courses medical school and engineering program, but these are intermingled with relatively low-paid professional training such as nursing and various technical programs which lowers the overall attractiveness.

With regard to students' preferences, it is possible to discern a boundary between the students from the "hard" courses like science, engineering, law and economics on the one hand and the humanities, education, journalism and other social sciences on the other. The former pays more attention to the other students' quality, while the latter care more about the university's facilities and housing situation. The social life may be similar priority over all study areas. Common to all is also the quality of teaching is considered the least important of the factors and to study local opportunities has by far the highest priority in the choice of school.
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