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Swedish School performances gets the bigger gulf  and it persist

Friday, 04 May 2012
The differences between the Swedish schools in terms of performance is increasing rapidly, according to a report by the Swedish School Agency (skolverket) will present today. And it is the second report in two days showing that Swedish schools lack of equivalence.
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Since the late 90's, the gaps between schools' academic performance has doubled. It has therefore become more possible to see great difference between the schools whose students are performing worst and those that they are best performing. That means that the Swedish school system has had it hard to reach the level where there will be fundamental equivalence in terms of their performances.

An important reason for these disparities is the free choice of school, says Anna Ekström who is Director General of National Agency for Education, to radio Sweden.
“With the high school selection, we see that we have a new kind of division of schools that we have not seen before. And it consists of ambitious students seek out schools where there are many other ambitious students, and we get the major differences between schools.
The agency's report is the second in a short time indicating that the equivalence in school has become worse. The Agency is urging that politicians should take more responsibility for equivalence must increase.
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