Researchers who want to work in Denmark should pay for their opportunity


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Monday, 11 July 2011
Researchers who want to work in Denmark should find it particularly easy access to the Danish labour market, says the Danish Immigration Service on its website. But in reality is it so?
The truth is that our of EU research who want to come to Denmark will see modification of their requirements which see that these immigrants self-pay  for all if they want to work in Denmark according to media reports.

Since the beginning of the year, researchers from countries outside the EU should pay about Dkr3000 to search a residence permit and if with a family, it costs additionally Dkr 2000 dollars per person.

The rector of Technical University of Denmark, DTU, Lars Pallesen, calls the fee system, "crazy."
He believes it is a bad idea to make charges, signalling that the Danish community makes it looks like they are giving these people a favour.


“We must be happy that there are talented, highly educated people willing to assist in solving important task for the Danish society. The signal from the system is not good enough, he says.

Fee scheme for foreign researchers are part of the Restoration Agreement, which the government, the Danish People's Party and the Liberal Alliance, adopted in December.
The amendments to the Act also means that a foreign researcher must pay the full fee again if he or she is offered a new position, because the permit is tied to the applicant's employment contract, thus he or she has to apply again .

At DTU there are approximately 1,200 foreign research workers out of a workforce of 5,000. Of this, about half are from outside the EU.
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