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Sunday, 17 July 2011
Denmark has decided not listen to people who may complain of human selection and have put their foot on the ground to promote increase abortion of foetuses suspected of having Down syndrome.
As such is if progress continues at this rate, the last case to be born with the illness will be around the year 2030, according Danish news paper Berlingske.

Since 2004, when Denmark decided to start controlling the number of children born with Down syndrome, the cases have fallen by around 13 percent annually.

“What's next? Is the child born with diabetes that will be discarded? Asks Ulla Brendstrup, the mother of a child with Down syndrome.

She is not alone to ask just that question - what could be the next step. Niels Uldbjerg is at the gynaecological-obstetrical at the at Aarhus University and researcher in medical ethics. As a professional he describes it as "fantastic achievement" that the number of newborns with Down syndrome is approaching zero.


“But if you ask me as a person I’ll like that there should be different people among us, odd do exist in humanity that can be reflected in and the start to thinking about life,” he says to the Danish newspaper Berlingske.

Denmark Ethics has dealt with problems of prenatal diagnosis in a comprehensive report from 2009. One of the members of the Ethics Committee is Lillian Bondo, who is also chairman of the association of midwives. She sees pros and cons of how prenatal diagnostics are used:
“If a couple learns that it is very likely that their child develops a chronic illness, is it basic enough for abortion? She asks.

“I have no clear answer. But I want to help as many people as possible to discuss how society should draw the line. I do not want a society in which sorting by is the norm,” says Lillian Bondo to Berlingske. 

In 2004, 61 children were born with small Down syndrome. The following year that figure had halved, and in total the number of newborns with Down syndrome from 2004 to 2010 on average declined by more than 13 percent annually.
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