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Nobel prize for literature goes to Tomas Transtr�mer, a quite Swede who has been much poetic since the Second World War

Thursday, 06 October 2011
The Swedish, 80-year-old poet has been one of the pre-tipped. He receives literary award for being "through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality” as stated in the jury's verdict. For "One of the world's largest"

The literature laureate was revealed according to tradition, at 13.00 in the B�rssalen in Stockholm. Swedish Academy's permanent secretaries, Peter Englund read out the decision and is happy with the choice.

“We hope we have made a good choice and it feels so. He is one of the world's greatest living poets. So it is,”says Englund to Swedish television.

Transtr�mer has been nominated since 1993. When Peter Englund called him ten minutes before the announcement, Transtr�mer was at home listening to music.

“I think he was surprised, caught off guard. I think he had come from the man who says you can call 12:30. I called rather late, ten, said Peter Englund to SVT.

It is many years since a poet won the prize, and Transtr�mer becomes the eighth sweden to win such a praise.

The Swedish poet was born and raised in the south of Stockholm. Tomas Transtromer grew up with his mother who was a teacher. His father, who was editor, disappeared from home when Thomas was small, but they still retained some contact over the years. After schooling at Katrina Norra and Sodra Latin, Tomas Transtromer chose to study psychology.

After his first degree in Arts in 1956 he was employed at Stockholm University's psycho-technical institutes 1957-60. In addition to his writing Transtr�mer has always been employed as a psychologist. He worked long on the Labour Institute, but after 35 years in Vasteras, he and his wife Monica got married in the late 50's  and returned to  south of Stockholm.

Tomas Transtromer is one of the best known and most translated of all European post-war poets – in total of what he has published has been translated to more than 50 languages. He has also been mentioned constantly as a candidate for the Nobel Prize.

By Scancomark.se/
Source: Swedish Academy of Science

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