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New method pitted to be effective in curing skin cancer
Monday, 12 March 2012
A new treatment of malignant skin cancer tested in Sweden has shown impressively promising results.

“Promising to the extent that it has had metastases to go back, in some cases wiped out completely, especially with regard to skin cancer melanoma,” says Rolf Kiessling, professor of experimental oncology at Karolinska Institutet and senior physician at Radiumhemmet, to radio Sweden.

Around 500 people a year die from skin cancer in Sweden. The disease has long been difficult to cure because it spreads rapidly in the body, but now researchers have developed a new method that has high hopes of counter it, reports radio Sweden.

By picking out the non-functioning white blood cells from the body, activating them and placing them again, scientists hope that the immune system of the cancer sufferer will start functioning again. Cells, as part of the immune system would normally attack the tumours formed in the body.

The method had been developed in the United States and Israel. In Israel, about 70 patients were treated according to a research study. The method has worked completely or partially, and some patients seem to have been cured completely.

In Sweden so far only a few people have been tested for the cell therapy, but it is expected to n crease in the coming years.
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