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How Swedish rooster become so valuable in the beauty industry.

Sunday, 16 October 2011
Swedish cocks or what is known as roosters are bred to serve as raw material for lip enhancement and anti-wrinkle creams, a recent radio Sweden beauty program revealed.

According to the program, which has been widely reported in many leading Swedish newspaper, the red comb on the head of the rooster is the product that is most sort after in the beauty industry.
There, hyaluronic acid is extracted to produce a moisturizing gel that is later used for lip enhancement and anti-wrinkle creams. Using rooster combs means that the filling is biological rather than many others which are synthetic. The result is softer lips, according to the report gouging from responds from girls which the program interviewed.

Meanwhile in a metal building somewhere in Sweden is 10 000 roosters in cages. They'll be 28 weeks old. Then they will be slaughtered and the big red rooster comb is cut off. From there it will be extracted hyaluronic acid to be used in lip enhancement. The rest of the rooster is ground down and become either Danish mink food of or used to produce biogas. This is done simultaneously; as such escape the EU ban which is prohibits the test of cosmetics and toiletries on animals. However, there is no prohibition in the extraction of products from an animals that is being killed for food or related.

The Swedish board of Agriculture, responsible for animal welfare, did not know about the production.
When radio Sweden contacted the ethics committee that approved the usage of the roosters, for beauty product production, the Chairman of the Board, Ingvar Johansson, who also signed the authorization allowing the usage says he understood that the birds were, used beauty products, according to radio Sweden:
“But it is clear that I was surprised because there's nothing in the application that points to something other than that it would be used for medical purposes.”

Even politicians who pushed through the ban on testing cosmetics on animals in the EU such as MP Jens Holm did not know that roosters were bred in Sweden only mostly to be used for lip enhancement and creams.

According to radio Sweden, at a salon in Stockholm, a group of girls in their 20s have gathered on a weekday evening for the festive forms of lip enlargement. The agent used to fill their lips with is a unit called Dermavisc which is reported to be produced with Swedish rooster comb.

Daniel Ogbonnaya, CEO of the company Bohus Biotech behind fillings, said to radio Sweden that the fillings are only a small part of the company's production and he does not understand the criticism.
“It is a choice people make. It is up to the customer to choose,” he says.
By Scancomark.se Team

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