So hard to make Swedish students to study science as high tuition fees keep Swedish universities to Swedes only


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Thursday, 14 July 2011
We just reported that record number of students had been admitted to university studies in Sweden this autumn. Yet, among those only 14 percent of them have non Swedish personal numbers.
This means that the number of non EU and Swedish students admitted this year is so lowest ever seen in Swedish universities in modern times. The blame for this is that recent high cost for foreign students to study in Sweden has had effect. And the sector most affect is the science and engineering sectors which has been the traditional sectors filled by foreign students.

David Stoltz is a graduate student in Energy Systems at the Royal Institute of Technology and has studied a course where over 70 percent were international students. He thinks it's a pity that fewer foreign students are coming to Sweden.

“It's like free tuition training on how to deal with different nationalities. No matter how you work there will be the time when one will work in an international environment and it's good to know how to deal with different people,” he told radio Sweden.


At the Royal Technical College more than half of the students at an advanced level program were international students, but now many of them have disappeared. In future, therefore, the course offerings will reduce and the level of postgraduate education will be in danger of sinking.

Even the economic sectors may suffer, according to Eva Malmstr�m Jonsson, Deputy President of KTH

“In time, you can definitely see that there is a risk that we will not be able to provide Swedish industry with sufficient skilled labour. One consequence of it may well be that even more companies leave Sweden when they can not meet their recruitment needs,” she told radio Sweden.

The low interest in science and technology among the Swedes begins in elementary school, making the Swedish recruitment difficulties at a later stage. The same trend is also reportedly observed in the global scene.
As such the Swedish Institute is urged to distinguish itself further by, for example, providing scholarships, according to Anders Hederstj�rna Vice head of Blekinge Institute of Technology.

“If you look at other countries, such as the U.S., there has long been a low interest in technology and science from the American students. As such there has been a lot of recruiting internationally through scholarships to recruit talent within those very limited areas. It is possible that we can go in that direction.”

Over 270,000 people will now be informed if they have been admitted to a course this fall. It is just over 1 000 people more than last year.

Other changes for the fall are that the maximum points for the second time in a row are not a requirement to read for medicine in Gothenburg, Link�ping, �rebro and Ume�. But in Lund, Solna and Uppsala it is required once again top marks.
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